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Hi folks! Well, I am at school and don't have any tapes or anything here with me, so I'm not trading! :( I haven't traded in about a year, but I still want to leave my page up because I hope to get back into it in the future. Also, sometimes if I head home on a holiday break or something I may set up a trade if there is something I want, or if I'm feel like making some copies for someone. OK, enough of my babbling. Oh, I never did get around to cleaning up my site, so I know that it is still kind of a mess, I'm sorry, that's another one of my goals at some point!!

Before you do anything, PLEASE read my rules for trading!  Thanks!

Last update:  9.1.00

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If you would prefer one big list of all my boots, e-mail me and I'll send you a list that way!!

Another Notice:  I'm just beginning to re-do this page (again!)...hopefully I'll finish soon!