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About Me


Hello, and welcome to my little site! I'll take the time to indulge a bit about myself because I am probably just the most fascinating person in the world! So, let me see, what shall I say? Well, I'm Abbi and as of 9/29/00 when I'm writing this, I am 19 years old and a junior at Middle Tennessee State University. My biggest love is music, and that is why I am here at MTSU, because I'm a Recording Industry Major (Music Business). I didn't quite like Tennessee when I came down here and to be honest, I still don't. However, I do like the major, and since it's one of the few places that has it, I'm glad to be here. Although I love music, I have very limited musical skills (that's probably the reason I'm going into the business side), I still like to try. I've dabbled with a little bit of piano, and a little bit of guitar. If you want to go back ages ago to elementary school days, I dabbled with the viola. I guess that's enough about me for now, onto some interesting factoids.

Factoids about Me!!!!!!

-I am from Maryland, but originally from Ohio

-I am a complete nerd, I seem to study all the time

-I'm a vegetarian, and wannabe vegan

-I LOVE music

-I love to go to concerts

-Currently, I own 449 CDs (I think) (but want LOTS more)

-I love watching movies

-I love seeing plays, etc.

-I love to waste hours away with my laptop

-I have a HUGE obsession with PEZ dispensers

-I don't know how many dispensers I have, it's about 250, I think

-I love to play with Photoshop, even though I don't know much about it

-more absolutely wonderful facts to come soon