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Indigo Girls-Levees That Break In My Heart (The Early Recordings & Covers)-90 min-A.
Side A: American Tune, I Don't Wanna Talk About It, Don't Think Twice Its Alright, Free Of Hope, Blood Quantum, High Horse, Three Hits, Problem Child

Side B: Rockin In The Free World, Uncle John's Band, Wild Wild Party in the Loquat Tree, Danny's Sont, House At Pooh Corner, It's Too Late, Carolina In My Mind, You've Got A Friend, Her Town Too, Junkies Lament, Long Ago And Far Away, Father And Son, Come Down

Indigo Girls-6.21.91-Red Rocks, CO-30 min.-B
Secure Yourself, World Falls, Hammer And Nail, Loves Recovery

Indigo Girls-6.11.92-An Acoustic Evening With The Allman Brothers-90 min.-A-
Side A: Welcome Me, Galieo, Joking, Ghost, Three Hits, Closer To Fine, The Water is Wide, Come On Into My Kitchen, Seven Turns, Midnight, Rider,

Side B: Southbound, In Memory of Elizabeth Redd, Goin Down The Road, Melissa

Indigo Girls-5.4.96-New Orleans Jazz Fest-90 min.-B
Side A: Thin Line, The Wood Song, This Train, Power of Two, Don't Give That Girl A Gun, Least Complicated, Nashville, Get Out The Map, Chiapas Bound

Side B: Closer To Fine, Shame On You, Crazy Game, Tried To Be True, Galileo, Don't Think Twice It's Alright, Wild Horses, Finlandia

Indigo Girls/Kristen Hall/Michelle Malone-8.8.96-Rock For Aids 2-30 min.-B+
IG: Its Alright, Ghost/ Kristen Hall: Its Alright, Fade Away Blind, Till Tuesday/ Michelle Malone: All I Can Give You Is Me

Indigo Girls-1997-Scholastic Classroom Magazine Sampler-30 min.-A
IG talk about songs and then they are played (mostly just studio versions) Includes-Galileo, Kid Fear, Closer To Fine, Virginia Woolf, Dead Man's Hill, Hammer And A Nail

Indigo Girls-Guest DJ's at 99X Radio-30 min. A

Indigo Girls-8.11.96-Newport Folk Fest-90 min.-B
Side A: Least Complicated, Don't Give That Girl A Gun, Get Out The Map, Tried To Be True, Wild Horses, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, The Edge (w/ Michelle Malone), Shame On You

Side B: Winthrop, Hey Kind Friend, It's Alright, Chiapas Bound, I Don't Wanna Know, Galileo, Down By The River, Closer To Fine

Indigo Girls/Ani DiFranco/Billy Bragg-9.29.96-Woody Guthrie Tribute-Severance Hall-Cleveland, OH-45 min.-A-
Ani DiFranco: Do Re Mi, Coming Up, Out of Range, Not A Pretty Girl/Billy Bragg: Farm Labor Train, The Unwelcome Guest, Against The Law/Indigo Girls: Gypsy Dave, Get Out The Map, This Train (Revised), Ramblin' Around

Indigo Girls-6.6.97-Great Woods, MA-120 min.-A-
Side A: Secure Yourself, It's Alright, Shame On You, Least Complicated, Don't Give That Girl A Gun, Caramia, I Don't Wanna Know, Ghost, Scooter Boys

Side B: Get Out The Map, This Train (revised), Burn All The Letters, I Held The Satchel-Danielle Howle, Leeds, Shed Your Skin, Everything Is Its Own Time, Chickenman, Galileo (cut), Hey Kind Friend, Wild Horses, Bury My Heart, Closer To Fine, Filler: Melissa Ferrick

Indigo Girls/Michelle Malone-7.2.97-Greek Theater-Los Angeles, CA-90 min.-B+
Side A: IG: Mystery, Three Hits, Get Out The Map, Don't Give That Girl A Gun, Least Complicated, Shame On You, It's Alright, Shed Your Sking, Virginia Woolf, Pushin The Needle Too Far, Redemption Song

Side B: Michelle Malone: Blue Suede, My Green Thumb, Grace, 52 seconds, A La Feminala, Learn To Cry, Green Medicated Magdelene

Indigo Girls-12.9.97-Indiana University-Bloomington, IN-100 min.-B+
Side A: Land of Canaan, It's Alright, Shame On You, Least Complicated, Cut It Out, Down By The River, Get Out The Map, Reunion, Virginia Woolf, Shed Your Skin (w/ Mrs. Fun), Power of Two

Side B: Tried To Be True, Leeds, Romeo & Juliet, Scooter Boys-->Amy's New Song, Galileo, Crazy Game (w/ Mrs. Fun), Chickenman, Closer To Fine

Indigo Girls-1.27.98-Warfield Theatre-San Francisco, CA-100 min.-A-
Side A: Hey Kind Friend, Power of Two, Dead Man's Hill, Least Complicated, Shame On You, Wood Song, Cut It Out->Wish You Were Here, Get Out The Map, Shed Your Skin, Ghost

Side B: Don't Give That Girl A Gun, It's Alright, Thin Line, Winthrop, Chickenman, Galileo, Romeo & Juliet, Blister In The Sun, Closer To Fine

Indigo Girls-5.3.98-River Stages-Nashville, TN-90 min.-B
Side A: Joking, It's Alright, Shame On You, Let It Be Me, I Don't Wanna Know, Power of Two, Reunion, Get Out The Map, Kid Fears, Least Complicated, Faye Tucker, Scooter Boys

Side B: Cut It Out, Virginia Woolf, Thin Line, Chickenman, Galileo, Leeds, Gone Again, Closer To Fine

Indigo Girls-7.12.98-Meadowbrook Farms-Meadowbrook, NH-100 min.-B+
Side A: Shame On You, It's Alright, Dead Man's Hill, Get Out The Map, Tried To Be True, Love Will Come To You, Cut It Out, Down By The River, Hammer and Nail, Carry Him

Side B: Shed Your Skin, Least Complicated, Wild Horses, Power Of Two, Gone Again, Galileo, Go, The Weight, Closer To Fine

Indigo Girls-7.19.98-Lilith Fair-Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD-60 min.-A-
Chickenman, Galileo, Shame On You, Ghost, Shed Your Skin, Get Out The Map, The Weight (w/ Rebecca, Crowley, Marotta, Merchant), Water Is Wide (w/ McLachlan), Closer To Fine (All), What's Going On (All)