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The Nields-2.5.99-Rehearsal Sound Studios-Indianapolis, IN-110 min.-A-
Side A: Jennifer Falling Down, James, Fountain of Youth, Summer Is Incumin IN, Innertube, Alfred Hitchcock, Taxi Girl, In The Hush Before the Heartbreak, Snowman, Georgia O, Superhero Soup, ??I'm All Alone??

Side B: Mister Right Now, Nebraska, Last Kisses, Seasonal Family Catholic Dram Pt. 1, Best Black Dress, Mercy House (cut), Easy People, Living It Up In The Garden, ??The Circle??, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

The Nields-7.24.99-Falcon Ridge Folk Festival-110-A-
Side A: --Intro--, Summer Is Incumin In, Best Black Dress, Georgia O, Jeremy Newborn Street, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, Snowman, Barbie Poem, ??Angela??, Superhero Soup, Living It Up In The Garden, Lovely Rita Metermaid, Mr. Tambourine Man, The Times They Are A Changin

Side B: What's That Sound, I Still Believe In My Friends Filler: Beth Amsel-Means To This End, Kris Delmhorst-North Dakota, Sam Pacetti-The Lion and The Child, Meghan Tooey-Test, Pamela Means-Postcards, Rose Polenzani-Or, Lori McKenna-Hardly Speaking A Word, Jess Klein-The Cloud Song, Erin McKeown-La Petite Mort

The Nields-11.10.99-The Paradise-2 CD's-A

Setlist up soon

Erin McKeown-11.7.99-Providence, RI-1 CD-A

Setlist up soon

Andy Stochansky-11.7.99-Providence, RI-1 1/2 CD's (w/ Erin Mc above)-A

Setlist up soon

Cry Cry Cry-7.24.99-Falcon Ridge Folk Festival--110-

Side A: Northern Cross, By Way Of Sorrow, Shades of Gray, Lord, I've Made You A Place In My Heart, I Know What Kind of Love This Is, Wilder Than Her, 10 Year Night, Scorpion, The Christians And The Pagans, Iowa, Fishing

Side B: Are You Happy Now?, Speaking With The Angel, Cold Missouri Water, Cry, Cry, Cry, Filler: Harmonytryx--Train In Vain, Another Train, O Sinfuni Mungu, Freedom, Lori McKenna-As I Am, Jeff Lang-Bateman's Boy, Rose Polenzani, Jess Klein-The Wading Pool, Erin McKeown-Fast As I Can, Mark Erells-Thought I Heard You Knocking

GUAMusic--Falcon Ridge Folk Festival--110 min.
Side A: Pamela Means-Promiseland, Flora Reed-Who Brought You Down, Erin McKeown-La Petite Mort, Lori McKenna-Pink Sweater??, Meghan Toohey-Make It Happen?, Kris Delmhorst-Came Down?, Jess Klein-'Lil White Dove, Laurie Geltman-Growing Down, Pamela Means-Invisible, Kris Delmhorst-North Dakota

Side B: Erin McKeown-Softly Moses, Flora Reed-Brighter, Meghan Toohey-Test, Lori McKenna-These Walls?, Jess Klein-I Tried, Kris Delmhorst, Lori McKenna-God, I Thank You, Pamela Means-Postcards, Harmonytryx-All That I Can Give?, Homeless?

Dar Williams-10.13.97-Eugene, OR-90-B+
Side A: When I Was A Boy, Iowa, The Christians & The Pagans, If I Wrote You, Are You Out There?, Road Buddy, Bought & Sold, Party Generation, End Of The Summer

Side B: The Babysitter's Here, The Mark Rothco Song, As Cool As I Am, The Ballad Of Mary Magdaline, What Do You Hear In These Sounds?, Teenagers Kick Out Butts

Dar Williams-10.15.97-Kuumbra Jazz Center-Santa Cruz, CA-110-A-
Side A: When I Was A Boy, Iowa, The Christians & The Pagans, If I Wrote You, Are You Out There?, Road Buddy, Bought & Sold, Party Generation

Side B: End Of The Summer, The Babysitter's Here, As Cool As I Am, Ballad Of Mary Magdalene, What Do You Here In These Sounds, Teenagers Kick Our Butts, Filler: What Do You Hear In These Sounds, Babysitter's Here, If I Wrote You

Dar Williams-4.25.98-Aladdin Theater-Portland, Oregon-110 min.-B+
If I Wrote You, Iowa, What Do You Love More Than Love?, Are You Out There?, You're Aging Well, The Pointless Yet Poignant Crisis of A Co-Ed, Spring Street, Wilder Than Her, The Blessings, Mortal City, Speaking With The Angels, What Do You Hear In These Sounds, As Cool As I Am, February, Better Things, When I Was A Boy

Jump, Little Children-4.3.98-Cat's Cradle-Chapel Hill, NC-110 min.-A-
Side A: Pink Lemonade, I Can Feel You, Easter Parade, All Those Days Are Gone, Habit, I Love My Guitar, Once I, Anybody, Smiling Down, Quiet, If The Spirit Moves, 15 Stories\

Side B: Innocent Kiss, I Never Knew, Ticket Home, Magazine, B-13, Not Today, U Can Look, Dancing Virginia, Opium

Sarah McLachlan-Rarities, B-Sides, and Other Stuff-90 min-A+.
Side A: Dear God, I Will Remember You, Fear (LunaSol Remix), Gloomy Sunday (live), Full Of Grace, Song For A Winter's Night, Blue, Drawn To The Rhythm (live), Shelter (Violin Mix), As The End Draws Near (Extended Mix), ***(performance with manufacture)

Side B: Vox (Extended Remix), Into The Fire (Extended Remix), Possession (Rabbit In the Moon), Filler: Good Enough (live), Good Enough (remix), Possession (version I), Possession (version II), Fear (Jane's Mix)

Sarah McLachlan-Unplugged and More-90 min-A.
Side A: Plenty, Terms, Ice Cream, I Will Remember You, Good Enough, Hold On, Full of Grace, Good Enough, Terms, Ice

Side B: Wait, Hold On, Ice Cream, Mary, Possession, Circle

Alanis Morisette-Hard To Swallow-60 min.-A
Side A: Wake Up (acoustic), You Learn (acoustic), Not The Doctor (acoustic), Your House (acoustic), Head Over Feet (acoustic), Forgiven (acoustic)

Side B: All I Really Want (electric), Hand In My Pocket (acoustic), You Oughta Know (electric), All I Really Want (electric), Right Through You (electric)

Alanis Morisette-Rockin' The Ford-60 min-A-.
Side A: All I Really Want, Right Through You, Not The Doctor, Hand In My Pocket, Mary Jane

Side B: Ironic, You Learn, Forgiven, You Oughta Know, Wake Up, Head Over Feet

Rusted Root-11.10.95-Lawrence, KN-90 min.-A-
Side A: Infinite Tamboura, Back To The Earth, Ecstacy, Lost In A Crowd, Artificial Winter, Cat Turned Blue, Big White Bird, Infinite Space->Voodoo

Side B: Dangle, Primal Scream, ???, Cruel Sun, Laugh As The Sun, Drum Trip, Martyr

Steve Poltz (and friends)-Double Tin Foil-180 min.-A-
Tape 1-Side A: Lisa Sanders-1.26.98-River of Song, Life If Funny That Way, To Jewel, Lazy Days, Shadows-Steve Poltz-The Roxy-Los Angeles, CA-1/26/98-Kumbaya, I Love You, One Left Show, 98 Pouder

Side B: YWMFM-Slip Slidin Away (w/ Apostles), Good Morning (Miss Waking Up To You)(w/ Apostles), Broken Hearts and Painted Nails (w/ Apostles), Silver Lining (w/ Jewel), Old Lover's House (w/ Jewel), I Thought I Saw You Last Night (w/ Jewel), Beautiful Day (w/ Apostles), Everything About You

Tape 2-Side A: The Great Mystery (w/ Apostles), Satan's Choir (w/ Apostles), Kicking Distance (w/ Apostles), Impala (w/ Apostles), Rainbow (w/ Lisa Sanders), Waterfalls, Leaving Again-Jewel-Java Joe's-7/11/97-Morning Song, Fly To Me Angel, Just Passing Time

Side B: Steve-San Diego-9/20/97-98 Pounder, Water You Everday, Now's Not The Right Time For Love, I'll Be There, I Thought I Saw You Last Night (w/ Jewel), Silver Lining (w/ Jewel), Impala (w/ Jewel), My Body's Changing, Jewel-Been Down So Long, Down

Angie Aparo-9.11.97-Trax-Charlottesville, VA-45 min.-A
Swell, Wonderland, Carousel, American Teenage Tale, Paper Doll, Green Into Gold, No Time, Rocket Man

Jeff Buckley-6.25.95-Glastonbury Festival-London, England-CDR-A-
Lover You Should've Come Over, So Real, Last Goodbye, What Will It Be Like, Mojo PIn, External Life, Kick Out The Jams

Sony Music Studios 1995--Mojo Pin, Grace

Cabaret Metro-Chicago, IL-4.27.95-Eternal Life, So Real