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Dave Matthews Band-9.28.94-Flood Zone-Richmond, VA-180 min.-A
Tape 1 Side A: Best of What's Around, Satellite, What Would You Say, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Say Goodbye

Side B: Jimi Thing, Rhyme & Reason, Pay For What You Get, Lie In Our Graves, Minarets

Tape 2 Side A: Typical Situation, I'll Back You Up, Recently, One Sweet World

Side B: Halloween, Ants Marching

Dave Matthews Band-10.3.96-New York-180 min.-B+
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Lie In Our Graves, #41, Song That June Likes, Two Step

Side B: Typical Situation, Too Much, Granny, Jimi Thing, So Much To Say, Jam

Tape 2 Side A: Tripping Billies, Drive In, Drive Out, Ants Marching, All Along The Watchtower, Angel From Montgomery, Dancing Nancies

Side B: Filler: 10.31.92-Halloween, What Would You Say, All Along The Watchtower, Dancing Nancies, Spotlight, Help Myself

Dave Matthews Band-12.31.96-180 min.-A-
Tape 1 Side A: Seek Up, Proudest Nancies, Warehouse, Say Goodbye

Side B: Satellite, Rhyme & Reason, Two Step, Crash Into Me, So Much to Say, Little Baby Jam, Too Much

Tape 2 Side A: Countdown, Tripping Billies, Lie In Our Graves, #41, Minarets

Side B: Typical Situation, Ants Marching, (Filler: All Along The Watchtower, Granny)

Phish-7.8.94-Greatwoods Ampitheater, MA (only 1st set)-90 min.-A-
Side A: Llama, N2O, Lizards, Tela, Wilson, AC/DC Bag

Side B: Colonel Forbin, Famous Mocking Bird, Sloth, McGrupp, Divided Sky

Phish-11.7.98-UIC Pavilion-Chicago, IL-180 min.-A
Tape I-Side A: My Soul, Mike's Song, Driver, Brian And Robert, Wedge

Side B: Limb by Limb, Ficus, Billy Breathes

Tape II Side A: AC/DC Bag, Ghost

Side B: Reba, Farmhouse, ENCORE: Guyute, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Ben Harper-Seattle, WA-4.6.98-90 min.-A-
Side A: One Road To Freedom, Waiting On An Angel, Pleasure & Pain, Give A Man A Home, Glory & Consequence, Roses From My Friends, Widow of a Living Man

Side B: I Shall Not Walk Alone, Sexual Healing, Not Fire On Ice, Burn One Down, Jah Work