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So, I love going to concerts, especially Ani DiFranco concerts.  Here, I'll do a little summary of each of those concerts that I enjoyed so much just because I want to!

8.9.97-Star Lake Ampitheatre-Pittsburgh, PA-this was when ani was opening up for Bob Dylan.  This is the concert that made me a true fan!!  I had two of her albums (NAPG & Dilate) but I wouldn't really call myself a fan.  Then, I saw her perform live and that was it, thant made me a fan.  I don't really remember any of the songs she played, well, I do remember that Both Hands was played, but that is it.  We had good seats 13th row, and since it wasn't really and "ani concert" it was really enjoyable because hardly anyone was there to just see ani, so the crowd was pretty slim during her set, but it was incredible that is really all that I

6.27.98-IC Light Ampitheater-Pittsburgh, PA-another great show!  This show was especially memorable because I was right up front (oh yeah, and the thunderstorms were memorable too).  Anyway, this is one of those places that has seats, but it's basically a general admission venue.  So, I was able to get up front!!  About three songs into Ani's set, the lightning was getting so bad, that the band had to go off the stage for oh, about an hour, while all of us stood into the pouring rain, completely drenched, yet it was still great despite the three hour drive home in the same sopping wet clothes! 

9.26.98-Cleveland Music Hall-Cleveland, OH.  Concert number three, each one just seems to get better.  For this one, my sister and I got our stuff together packed the car and drove on out to Cleveland.  This show was great, however, my seats weren't all that terrific and they made you stay in them (15th row).  The show was great, another great setlist and well, it was an Ani concert what more can I say?  Since we were a pretty good distance away from home, we had a hotel for the night, and actually it was one literally across the street from the music hall.  So, since we were in this city and the tour bus was parked in the street between the
music hall and our hotel, we waited around for awhile.  At first, the crowd was enormous, and completely pointless for me (5'1") to even be standing in the crowd.  But slowly time passed, and people started to leave.  Eventually I worked my way up to the barricades and two guys were nice enough to let me in between them.  So, after awhile (I have no idea how long we waited for each person), but first the drummer came out...the one that was on the fall tour, was his name Denny?  He basically just got on the bus...then Jason came out and chatted with the crowd.  Then Ani, she signed some stuff, then got on the bus...and finally Julie.   It was a great experience that night!  So much fun!! 

5.4.99-AJ Palumbo Center-of course, another great show.  Nothing really stands out about this one, except that I thought the crowd was rather annoying.  We arrived at the venue early, we could hear them doing the soundcheck, but that was about all.  We spotted the tour bus and started to walk down this alley, but someone started coming our way, so we just casually turned around and left.  I'm really not a stalker or anything, we were just there about oh, six hours early and needed something to do, so we just walked around!

6.14.99-Wolf Trap-Vienna, VA-well, after I finished putting up my posters and everything for this show, we went to the venue.  It was raining, and we were certainly glad that we had pavilion seats (7th row this time).  This show was great.  I heard some people complaining about the crowd at this show, but from where I was sitting, it was the most polite crowd of all the shows I had been to.  The setlist was great, and the encore "To The Teeth"...well, it was the first time it was performed and it was incredible!!  That is all there is to say about it.  I tried to take pictures here, but my camera wasn't all that great, and since I am so short, they didn't really turn out!  But if you want to see my attempts, go here (link will work soon!)!

6.15.99-Pier Six-Baltimore, MD-After Wolf-Trap, we went to a hotel and the next morning headed up to Baltimore.  We basically just milled around until show-time!  During our several walks around the Inner Harbor, we passed several people associated with the tour!  First, we saw Heidi and some other people that were with the tour but I don't know who the were.  Later on during the day, we passed Julie and I believe it was Darren but I can't be sure about that, while walking around the inner harbor.  It is so much fun just passing these people
walking around the streets.  This was of course another wonderful show.  My seats for this one were right in front of the sound and light guys so after the show, I grabbed a setlist from them, so that is also pretty cool!  So the show was of course great as usual, but not too much else to say except that it was great!!

7.24.99-Falcon Ridge Folk Festival--This was so much fun!  I went up Thursday night and set up camp (me, camping???)...Anyway, set up camp, walked around and slept.  Woke up early the next morning and claimed a spot at the mainstage…That was basically what we did all three days!  My favorite performances were:  Cry, Cry, Cry, Ani, The Nields, Greg Brown and soooooo many others!  Wonderful experience, can't wait to go back!!

8.22.99-Tori Amos/Alanis Morrissette--Nashville--went up early, waited, waited and in...we had 6th row almost center seats, wonderful!!!  This was my first time seeing Tori live and what a great experience it was!  It was awesome!  After her set, Alanis came on and I left after about 3-4 songs (just couldn't stand it), but Tori was amazing!!