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Hello...I have some boots from the 1999 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, but I would like to have more of the artists who were on the mainstage (that is where I was for most of the festival)...please contact me if you have boots of other artists from Falcon Ridge!  Thanks...

I usually up for trades.  Basically, I want all Ani DiFranco boots that I can get.  I'll usually trade for Tori Amos, Moxy Fruvous and Dar Williams.  I'd also be interested in Rusted Root, Rachael Sage, Pamela Means, The Nields, Dan Bern, Greg Brown, Patty Griffin, and many more artists.  Just write to me with a list of what you have and I'll get back to you.  I'm not interested in Dave Matthews Band, Phish, or Grateful Dead.  Also, I'm not limited to just trading for boots either.  I'll trade for, posters, magazine articles, pictures, etc., related to artists I like.  I may also be interested in other things (used cd's, etc.).  Just e-mail me and I'll get back to you one way or the other!

I am now CD-R Capable, but my software isn't working properly, so dao won't work! First page has more details about my trading status.

Rules for regular Trades:

1.  Use Maxell XLII tapes please (if other, please let me know what kind-have to be Type II, High Bias)
2.  No high speed dubbing or noise reduction
3.  Please keep in contact throughout the trade
4.  Usually, I don't send cases, but I really don't care either way, whatever you want
5.  Please send the j-cards either written on or homemade j-cards, no scraps of paper please
6.  Try to keep lengths about equal, some differences are fine, but generally about the same

8.  Please be fairly prompt
9.  MOST IMPORTANT:  Don't rip me off!!!

Due to time constraints and various other things, I'm sorry to say that I'm not doing much trading for blanks/B&P/or anything like that right now!  I'm sorry, hopefully this will change sometime in the near future!

E-Mail Me

One more thing and I promise I'll shut up!  I also cannot copy videos at this time!  Sorry!