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1989Early Songs45A-
7.1.91Jazzberry's, Rochester, NY90B
7.14.91Grass Roots Festival-Trumansburg, NY60A-
4.13.92Vassar College-Vassar, NY90A-
10.3.92Christopher's-Cambridge, MA90not graded yet
11.2.92Hampshire College-Amherst, M90A+
2.11.93SUNY-Freedonia, NY60A+
2.14.93Mountain Stage30A-
4.3.93El Mocambo-Toronto, Ont.(not sure date is correct-see note)45A
6.10.93Horizontal Boogie Bar-Rochester,NY90B+
9.15.93The Bullring-University of Guelph, Ontario100A-
9.18.93El Mocambo-Toronto, Ontario90A-
10.5.93Kenyon College90A-
1994CVC Radio--Toronto90not graded
2.9.94Phil's Grandson's Place-Waterloo, ON90B+
2.16.94University of Rochester-Rochester, NY90B-
2.26.94Eddie's Attic-Decatar, GA90A-
3.3.94Prism Coffeehouse-Charlottesville, VA (not sure this date is correct-see note)45A
3.13.94Smith College100B+
3.26.94Alfred, NY90A-
4.14.94The Ark-Ann Arbor, MI90B+
4.26.94Waldron Arts Center-Bloomington, IN90A
5.12.94The TLA-Philadelphia, PA90B+
5.16.94Wetlands Preserve-New York, New York110A-
7.1.94High Sierra Music Fest90A
7.8.94Women in (e)motion-Bremen, Germany (CD)45A+
8.20.94Lyons, CO90A-
9.9.94Crested Butte90B
10.11.94Dalton Theater-Kalamazoo, MI90A
11.13.94Luna Park-CA90not graded
12.?.94BBC TV-No Stilletos10A+