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1.10.977up Listen Up (w/ Janeane Garafalo)45A
1.18.97Voter's For Choice45B+
2.2.97"What The Hell Is This" (Ani As DJ)90A
3.6.97Ritz Theater-Raleigh, NC90B
3.8.97Binghampton, NY110B+
3.14.97Palace Theater-Albany, NY90B+/A-
3.19.97Roseland Ballroom-New York, NY90C+
3.22.97Landmark Theater-Syracuse, NY90B+
3.23.97Auditorium Center-Rochester, NY100A-
4.3.97Lakewood Civic Center-Cleveland, OH90B
4.6.97Wharton Center-East Lansing, MI1 cdA-
4.9.97Cedar Rapids, IA90B
4.15.97Easton, PA90A-
4.16.97Hamilton College, Clinton, NY90B
4.18.97Palace Theater-New Haven, CT90not graded yet
4.19.97Vassar College-Poughkeepsie, NY90B
4.20.97UNH Fieldhouse-Durham, NH90B
4.27.97Acoustic Cafe45A
5.22.97NAIRD speech45A+
7.20.97Summer Nights At The Pier-Seattle, WA90B+
8.23.97Wolf Trap-Vienna, VA90B+
8.29.97World Theater-Chicago, IL90A-
9.27.97NPR (don't know if date is correct)30A
9.19.97Central Park Summerstage, NY90A-
10.5.97Wembley Arena-London, England55B
10.18.97Chicago, IL100B-
10.23.97Northrop Auditorium-Minneapolis, MN100B+
10.26.97Kingsbury Hall-Salt Lake City, UT90B-
10.27.97World Cafe60A
11.2.97Santa Cruz, CA110B+
11.14.97Austin, TX110B-
11.15.97Houston, TX110A-
11.16.97Deep Ellum Live-Dallas, TX110B-
11.17.97House of Blues-New Orleans, LA90B-