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Ani DiFranco-1.18.97-Voter's For Choice-Washington, DC (Quality:  B+)
Both Hands, Buildings & Bridges, Overlap, Not A Pretty Girl, Tiptoe, Cradle & All, Shameless, America

Ani DiFranco-3.4.97-Baltimore, MD (Quality:  B-)
My IQ, Buildings & Bridges, Glass House, Gravel, Napoleon, Untouchable Face, Worthy, Two Little Girls, Letter To A John, Little Plastic Castle, Independence Day, Cradle & All,
Shameless, The Diner, Pulse, Fire Door, 32 Flavors

Ani DiFranco-8.17.97-Jones Beach Ampitheatre-Wantagh, NY (Quality:  B)
Gravel, Untouchable Face, Letter To A John, The Slant, Every State Line, Loom, Anticipate, Swan Dive, Cradle & All, Shy, Shameless, Both Hands

Ani DiFranco-4.1.98-Massey Hall-Toronto (setlist and quality up soon!)

Ani DiFranco-4.14.98-Columbus, OH (Quality:  B+)
Little Plastic Castle, Fuel, Two Little Girls, Up Up Up Up Up Up, Letter To A John, Pulse, Jukebox, As Is, Every State Line, Anticipate, Everest, Independence Day, Swan Dive, Cradle & All, Loom, Shameless, Gravel, Not So Soft

Ani DiFranco-7.4.98-San Jose, CA (Quality:  B+)
Two Little Girls, Tis Of Thee, Every State Line, Done Wrong, Anticipate, Independence Day, Angry Anymore, Loom, Shy/Pulse/Shy, Shameless, I Wish, Not So Soft

Ani DiFranco-7.14.98-Quebec City, Canada (setlist and quality up soon!)

Ani DiFranco-Sala Caracol-Feb. '98-Madrid, Spain (setlist and quality up soon!)

Ani DiFranco/Utah Phillips-4.11.99-People's Poetry Gathering-New York, NY (Quality:  B+)
Fuel, My IQ, Not A Pretty Girl, Tiptoe, Cradle & All, Tis Of Thee, Firedoor, Coming Up, Shameless, Do Re Mi
Utah Phillips:

Ani DiFranco-Sessions At West 54th St (Quality:  A-)
Letter To A John, 32 Flavors, Swan Dive, Not A Pretty Girl, Tiptoe, Cradle & All

Ani DiFranco-Hard Rock Live (Quality:  A) (master)
Little Plastic Castle, Fuel, As Is, Jukebox, Swan Dive

Ani DiFranco (various clips)
-Conan O'Brien-Shameless (quality:  B) (do you have a better copy of any of these? E-mail me if you do)
-MTV-Rocklife Interview (Quality:  B)
-Shy Video (Quality: B)
-Conan O'Brien-(Quality:  B)
-Joyful Girl Video (Quality:  B+)
-CNN Newsstand (Quality:  A) (master)
-Ani on MTV's Indie show (Quality:  A) (master)

Tori Amos-4.9.96-Tampa Bay PAC-Tampa, FL-
Beauty Queen, Horses, Crucify, Losing My Religion, Muhammad My Friend, Bells For Her, Little Amsterdam, Cornflake Girl, Space Dog, Doughnut Song, Leather, Precious Things, Not The Red Baron, Flying Dutchman, Caught A Lite Sneeze, Me And A Gun, Putting The Damage On, Winter, Take To The Sky, In The Springtime Of His Voodoo, Hey Jupiter (plus footage of meet and greet).